08 25
Tim Etchells
Ways Forward

A collection of imperative statements and speculations about what should be and about what people should do, advices or proposals for future action, will be presented by Mindaugas at several locations. Painted and repainted over and over, Etchells’s instructions form part of the artist’s ongoing fascination with language and its relation to action. Exploring a conception of Mindaugas as a ‘person with many ideas’, Etchells shows him announcing or pronouncing many different possibilities, serious and unserious, plausible and implausible.

Rūdininkų Street by the Contemporary Art Centre
Corner of Vokiečių and Šv. Mykalojaus streets next to “Aukso centras”
Corner of Trakų and Pranciškonų streets next to “Dolce Vita” restaurant
Pylimo street in front of Reformatų Square