August 23, Thursday, 5 pm

CAC Reading Room

Mindaugas Triennial press conference

Michael Portnoy, Ieva Misevičiūtė, Kestutis Kuizinas, Defne Ayas and Benjamin Cook are sitting behind two white tables facing the audience and a big videocamera. All the chairs that are put out for press and audience are taken. Behind the audience there is a table with wines, olives, biscuits and cheese. The director Kestutis Kuizinas starts by presenting himself and the four people sitting beside him as the curators of the triennial and then continues speaking in Lithuanian. A phone rings, but everybody acts as they do not notice. Kuizinas speaks quite fast and I can recognize the word ‘performance’ mentioned nine times, ‘BMW’ once. He switches to English and presents the curators. Defne Ayas thanks the CAC production team and tells us that performance is an expensive medium and that they have tried to close the gap between the curators and performers, and the gap between theater, performance, dance, writing and film. The floor is open for questions. The first question, asked by a young girl, is a bit unclear. I think she is saying that the public could be negative towards contemporary art (like someone is bleeding and walking on the street and this is called art). She asks how the curators feel about that. They seem to agree that now the public is more positive towards contemporary art than ever before. The next question is put to Kuizinas: ‘Could you say that the focus on performance is a reaction to a boredom of the art object?’. He said he could not say that. A lady in the audience presents herself as a curator and asks about the research on local artists. The press conference ends by Kuizinas thanking everybody for taking part in this performance and encouraging us to continue in a more casual dialogue with some wine. There is a lot of wine. Everybody is clapping.

Ingrid Furre