08 26
Aslı Çavuşoğlu

Dictionary of Khazars is an imaginary book of knowledge of a long-forgotten tribe who settled at the Caspian Sea around the 7th century. Serbian writer Milorad Pavić was triggered to write it by a rumour that the Khan of Khazars once called the dream interpreters of three different religions upon a promise to convert the entire tribe into the most convincing dream interpreter’s religion. Nobody knows the rest, as the tribe vanished. In line with ‘istihare’ ritual practiced in the Near East, Incubatio lulls Mindaugas to sleep in a garden in order to consult his dream about Khazars’ whereabouts. The dream will be interpreted for the public at 7:30 am. Email info@cac.lt to book a cab ride from the CAC, departing at 7:00.