09 07
12:45– 18:15
Adam Kleinman
Don’t Stare at My Potato!

Mindaugas sits at a café, stares at a small spud, and the starchy nightshade stares back. Slightly perturbed, Mindaugas cycles through his previous Triennial characters as a means of finding solace, but the roles all begin to fight each other in multiple battles. Elsewhere, more tubers begin to propagate Vilnius. Some lay near a wedding palace where pornography films were once made, others next to a hotel in which a rock star took the life of an actress, and even more in front of an old wooden house occupied by the ghost of an informant. Various piñatas start to dot the landscape. Instead of offering answers though, they ask: what has many eyes but cannot see?

Meet Mindaugas here:

12:45 Santuokų rūmai (The Wedding Palace), K. Kalinausko str. 21
13:45 La Cave Gourmet, Gedimino ave. 12
17:45 Coffee Inn, Didžioji str. 40