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Curators: Ūla Tornau and Asta Vaičiulytė
Artists: Chiara Camoni, Filip Cenek, Koenraad Dedobbeleer, KIWA, Mercedes Mühleisen

The group exhibition Anachronikos circles around the idea of an entropic moment and a seemingly empty space of time – of reduced significance and energy, faintly driven by inertia, mechanical repetition, and validity of routine. It is a feeling of saturation when things have to break in order to start reshaping. It is both a moment of excess when meaning is lost, and a moment of turning when it is made again. It is a state that resists fixity and confuses being behind and ahead of time.

By bringing together the work of five artists – Chiara Camoni, Filip Cenek, Koenraad Dedobbeleer, KIWA, and Mercedes Mühleisen – an attempt is made at peeking through the hole within the fabric of vacuity. In these works, the methods of repetition, automatism and appropriation are exercised to a point when our comprehension is suspended. In this pause, we linger.

On the opening night artist Koenraad Dedobbeleer will give the lecture-performance Language Is Not Anywhere Near the Origin of Consciousness which will reread some of the canons within the historiography of art.

With the support of: Lithuanian Council for Culture
With thanks to: Galerie Micheline Szwajcer, Brussels, and SpazioA, Pistoia

Image: Chiara Camoni, from the series Notturni, 2013, pencil on paper, 75x51cm, courtesy SpazioA, Pistoia

Photos: Andrej Vasilenko

NAVIGATIONS. From the “Bad Weather” series
Papildomos ekskursijos po parodą „Galva su daug minčių“ su parodos kuratorėmis ir architektu
Vitalijaus Červiakovo naktinis pasivaikščiojimas „Galvos skliautas“
Parodos „Galva su daug minčių“ uždarymo savaitės renginiai
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A performance "Within Must Not Be Underestimated"