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An Exhibition of Two Sculptures. EMISIJA (EMISSION) 2004: Deimantas Narkevicius
04.XII.03 - 05.I.09
'An Exhibition of Two Sculptures' consists of both a series of photographs and two video installations; Countryman (Kaimietis), 2002 and Once in the XX Century, 2004.

This year the Contemporary Art Centre presents a series of personal exhibitions called EMISIJA (EMISSION) 2004. The series of exhibitions introduces the most important Lithuanian artists who during the previous decade have constituted the new language of contemporary Lithuanian art, who have received the most attention from the critics, have participated in the most important contemporary art exhibitions in Lithuania and have represented Lithuania abroad numerous times and who, along with the Contemporary Art Centre, have created a basis for the development of the new generations of artists.
In 2004 the Contemporary Art Centre presents seven artists, with a series of personal exhibitions planned to extend throughout the following year. EMISIJA 2004 will be accompanied with a catalogue that will provide comprehensive introduction to the work of each of the participating artists.
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