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"Unconceived Things" – a screening of early Lithuanian video art works

"Unconceived Things" – a screening of early Lithuanian video art works

2018.XII.21 18:00


"Unconceived Things" is a project for digitization of early Lithuanian video art and an accompanying screening at the CAC Cinema Hall.


In the exhibition "Susitikimai" ("Encounters"), which took place in Klaipėda in 1988, Henrikas Gulbinas presented his work "Unconceived Things" – abstract audiovisual projections, displayed alongside paintings and prints. It eventually became the departure point for research publications about the beginnings and chronological borders of Lithuanian video art – that is, the first exhibition of Lithuanian video art. "Unconceived Things" are continued to this day – Gulbinas re-edits them once in a while, including music of his choice. This uninterrupted continuation of Gulbinas' abstract work also predestined the title of the project for digitization of early Lithuanian video art, carried out by Meno Avilys. Instead of a retrospective look, both conceptions emphasize the transformation of works within time, the circumstances surrounding them and the possibility to present them in a new light.


The forthcoming screening at the CAC Cinema Hall is charted by following those principles which were – and are – important for the research carried out during the project of digitization. Instead of sticking to a chronological order or dividing video art works into aesthetic categories, the works were selected by following the authors, events or processes which influenced the development of Lithuanian video art. For example, „Festival Franco-Balte d‘art video“, the first video art festival in Lithuania, which took place at the CAC in 1993 m., alongside Image Study (a video art course which took place in Vilnius Academy of Arts between 1994-1997, initiated by artist Gintaras Šeputis), or the selection of the best Lithuanian video art works compiled by Sonata Žalnieravičiūtė (1996).


Still, it became apparent as the research went on that the formation of Lithuanian video art was inseparable from other important cultural phenomena of the time. For example, the first courses of feminism in Vilnius, the alternative music and art scene in Šiauliai in the 90s, 90s TV, which was not familiar with the limitations of a single format and therefore did not care about them, pop music and the producing, as well as creative output of bands like SEL and BIX. It not only allowed to see the Lithuanian video art in a broader cultural context, but also to understand how the development of early video art was shaped by various, often accidental circumstances, directly related to economic and social processes of the time – or, even, interpersonal, human relationships, which gave rise to a large part of what today is history.


All these aspects were significant for forming of the program of this screening, in which the viewers are invited to get acquainted not with the linear development of video art, but with one of the interpretations of the 90s. In this program, Lithuanian video art is observed without the objectivity or neutrality of art history, instead following the details and video artists' own select choices. This structure allowed for an attempt to recreate the feel of the 90s, without aiming for accuracy or, more so, romanticizing of it.




"Unconceived things" is a project for the digitization of early Lithuanian video art, initiated by Meno Avilys in spring 2018. It aims to select, restore and digitize VHS video art works by Lithuanian artists.


The project manager and programming director is Gerda Paliušytė, Lithuanian video artist and curator. Amongst her most notable recent projects is "Road Movie", chronicling the visit of hip-hop band Onyx in Vilnius, produced for the 12th Baltic Triennial, a series of exhibition documentaries "morenotyet" (continuous project) and the film "Desire for Things to Work" (2016). Paliušytė is also one of the founders and curators of "Montos tattoo" project space. In her works, Paliušytė explores cultural history and the stereotypes and contradictions found within it. She is interested in various documentary practices (such as docufiction), diverse historical and popcultural phenomena and characters, their relationship with social reality.


Project idea: Jonas Zagorskas, Dovilė Grigaliūnaitė, Lina Kaminskaitė-Jančorienė


Project coordinators: Gerda Paliušytė, Lina Kaminskaitė-Jančorienė

Video art works digitized and restored by Jonas Zagorskas


Project organized by Meno Avilys

Project sponsored by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania


The "Unconceived Things" project is housed by "Independent Cinematheque"



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