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Date: 2011.XII.20
A commented reading of the novels by the American writer and photographer Carl Van Vechten (1880–1964).
Date: 2011.XII.16
Installation of one book, objects from drawings, costumes, rap and so on
Date: 2012.XII.14
Presentation of a book „Vilnius 1900–2012. Naujosios architektūros gidas“ („Vilnius 1900–2012. Guide to contemporary architecture“)
Date: 2011.XI.28 - XII.1
A week-long cinema featuring the films of Stefan (1910-1988) & Franciszka (1907-1988) Themerson, Chris Marker, Jean Pierre Gorin, Eric Van Zuylen, Hollis Frampton, and others. Screenings introduced by short talks leading up garden paths. Organized by Angie Keefer and Robert Snowden as part of a year-long
Date: 2011.XI.04
Date: 2011.X.25 - X.26
Gaida International Festival of Contemporary Music features two discussions dedicated to contemporary music and its ties with other arts.
Date: 2011.X.23 - X.28
Concerts at the CAC
Date: 2011.X.21
Lecture by Joanna Warsza at the CAC Reading Room
Date: 2011.VI.30
Birželio 30 d. Šiuolaikinio meno centro kiemelyje startuos kino teatro „Pasaka“ projektas „Kinas po žvaigždėmis“. Nuo antradienio iki šeštadienio kiekvieną vakarą po atviru dangumi bus parodyta iš viso 40 filmų.
Date: 2011.VI.22
Kviečiame į pristatymą, kuriame dalyvauja filosofas Vytautas Rubavičius, urbanistas inžinierius Pranciškus Juškevičius, architektūros kritikė Rūta Leitanaitė ir knygos autorius
Date: 2011.V.22
The closing of three Spring season exhibitions
Date: 2011.V.13
A roundtable discussion organised by EHU
Date: 2011.IV.21
Personal show by Jasono Dodge will be opened on Friday 22 April. You are cordially invited to meet the artist one day before the opening in his lecture at the CAC Reading Room.
Date: 2011.IV.18
This lecture will be held in the framework of the EHU course “What the Party didn’t Teach: Unofficial Internal and International Art Practices in Eastern Europe and Belarus from the Thaw till Perestroika”
Date: 2011.IV.16
Diane Arbus: A Printed Retrospective, 1960–1971
Date: 2011.IV.16
Discussion by Naglis Kardelis, Laima Kreivytė, Almira Ousmanova, Nida Vasiliauskaitė, Audronė Žukauskaitė
Date: 2011.IV.11
Opera for 10 voices, electronics and piano. Organised by the Contemporary Opera Festival NOA (New Opera Action)
Date: 2011.II.11
Kate Fowle's talk will mark the last day of the presentation of "Harald Szeemann: Documenta 5" at the CAC Reading Room.
Date: 2011.II.05
Audiovisual performance
Date: 2011.I.28
We coridally invite you to the opening of the exhibition „If it’s Half Broke, Part Fix it“

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Harun Farocki's film retrospective | Inconvenient films
Meeting with James Hoff, co-founder of “Primary Information”
Circle Books: Politics of Access, Archival Use and Partnerships in Publishing
Discussion: “News from Elsewhere”. The role of culture in the democratic transformation of Europe in the late 1980s
Vilniaus galerijų savaitgalis Šiuolaikinio meno centre
Triple Consciousness: screening by Ciaran Wood