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Quinn Latimer
(ed.) Thom Donovan, Brandon Shimoda.
To Look at the Sea is to Become What One Is. An Etel Adnan Reader Volume II.  Brooklyn & Callicoon, New York: Nightboat Press 2014. RQL009
(ed.) Thom Donovan, Brandon Shimoda
To Look at the Sea is to Become What One Is. An Etel Adnan Reader Volume I.  Brooklyn & Callicoon, New York: Nightboat Press. 2014. RQL008
Adler, Renata.
Speedboat. New York: New York Review Books. 2013. RQL003
Bowles, Jane.
My Sister’s Hand in Mine. The Collected Works of Jane Bowles.  New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux 2005. RQL006
Brock-Broido, Lucie.
The Master Letters. Poems.  New York: Alfred A. Knopf. 2018. RQL013
Carson, Anne.
Plainwater. Essays and Poetry.  New York: Vintage Books. 1995. RQL025
Coste Lewis, Robin.
Voyage of the Sable Venus and Other Poems.  New York: Alfred A. Knopf. 2017. RQL014
Davey, Moyra.
Burn the Diaries.  New York: Dancing Foxes Press. 2014. RQL023
Davey, Moyra.
Les Goddesses / Hemlock Forest.  New York: Dancing Foxes Press; Bergen: Bergen Kunsthall. 2017.  RQL024
Devi, Mahasweta.
Breast Stories.  Calculta, London, New York: Seagull Books. 2014.  RQL005
, 2014. RQL005
Ernaux, Annie.
A Woman’s Story. Oakland, London: Seven Stories Press. 2003. RQL012
Graham, Jorie.
The Errancy.  Manchester: Carcanet Press. 1998. RQL019
Howe, Susan.
My Emily Dickinson.  New York: New Directions. 2007.  RQL004
Hyesoon, Kim.
I’m OK, I’m Pig. Bloodaxe Books 2014. RQL010
Jaeggy, Fleur.
I Am the Brother of XX.  Sheffield, London, New Haven: And Other Stories 2015. RQL020
Kapil, Bhanu.
Ban en Banlieu.  New York: Nightboat Press 2015. RQL026
Koether, Jutta.
F. Berlin: Sternberg Press. 2015. RQL016
Levin, Dana.
In the Surgical Theatre.  Philadelphia: The American Poetry Review. 1999. RQL022
Long Soldier, Layli.
Whereas. Poems.   Minneapolis: Graywolf Press. 2017. RQL015
Lorde, Audre.
Sister Outsider. Essays & Speeches.  Berkeley: Crossing Press. 2007. RQL027
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