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Igen, Hjemme.
Hjemme Igen. Arken Museum for Moderne Kunst. 2002. MIG129
Imai, Tomoki.
In-between 10: Lithuania, Belgium.  EU Japan Fest Japan Committee.  2004. MIM528
Inčiūraitė, Kristina
Scenos/ Stages 2002-2005 Vilnius 2005. MIN1298
Irigaray, Luce
Democracy Begins Between the Two London: The Athlone Pres 2000. TIR764
Irigaray, Luce
Luce Irigaray: Key Writings London; New York: Continuum 2004. TIR765
Ishak, Raafat
Recipes for aversion and srategy. Work in progress #6. The Ian Potter Museum of Art The University of Melbourne 2010. MIS814
Islam, Runa.
Restless Subject.  Kusthaus Zurich; Museum Folkwang, Essen.  2008. MIS500
Islam, Runa.
Runa Islam. Magazin 4. Voralberger Kunstverein.  2003. MIS130
Ivekovič, Sanja.
Sweet Violence.  MOMA. 2011. MIV853
Harun Farocki's film retrospective | Inconvenient films
Meeting with James Hoff, co-founder of “Primary Information”
Circle Books: Politics of Access, Archival Use and Partnerships in Publishing
Discussion: “News from Elsewhere”. The role of culture in the democratic transformation of Europe in the late 1980s
Vilniaus galerijų savaitgalis Šiuolaikinio meno centre
Triple Consciousness: screening by Ciaran Wood