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Gladwell, Shaun.
MADDESTMAXIMVS. Planet & Stars Sequance.  Schwartz City, Melbourne.  2009. MGL483
Australian Pavilion at the 53d Biennale di Venezia.
Gladwell, Shaun.
Videowork.  Artspace, Sydney.   2007. MGL482
Glauco Rodrigues.
Paris: Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts.  2013. MRO1197
Gober, Robert.
Robert Gober. Tate Gallery Liverpool; The Serpentine Gallery, London.  1993. MGO096
Gober, Robert.
Robert Gober. The Art Institute of Chicago; Hirshhorn Museum.  2001. MGO097
The United States Pavillion at 49th Biennale di Venezia.
Gobert, Robert.
Sculptures and Installations 1979-2007.  Schaulager Basel. 2007. MGO700
Golder, Andreas.
It has my name on it.  Arken Museum of Modern Art.  2008. MGO098
Goltz, Hubertus von der.
Stationen / Way Points. 1976 – 2006. Galerie Kasten, Berlin; VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn. 2006. MGO492
Gomulicki, Maurycy.
Minimal Fetish.  CSW Zamek Ujazdowski/ Galeria LeTo.  2013. MGO900
Gonzalez-Torres, Felix.
Felix Gonzalez-Torres The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.  1994. MGO099
Goodwin, Clare.
Collection Cahiers d’Artistes 2010.  Pro Helvetia. 2010. MGO639
Gorey, Helena.
Focus 2.  Gandon Editions. 2001. MGO100
Gormley, Antony.
Antony Gormley. Tate Gallery Liverpool. 1993. MGO101
Graf, Florian.
Florian Graf. Pro Helvetia. 2011. MGR709
Collection Cahiers d’Artistes 2011.
Graham, Dan.
Beyond.  MOCA, Los Angeles; The MIT Press.  2009. MGR551
Graham, Dan.
Noveau Labyrinthe pour Nantes.  Ecole de Beaux-Arts de Nantes.  1992. MGR641
Graham, Rodney.
Through the Forest Hatje Cantz Verlag; MACBA, Barselona; Kunstmuseum Basel; Hamburger Kunsthalle. 2010. MGR746
Gramsma, Bob.
Works 2003.  Edition fink, Zürich. 2004. MGR446
Gramsma, Bob.
Bob Gramsma. Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg.  2003. MGR447
Granjon, Paul.
Z Lab 2001.  Chapters Arts Centre.  2001. MGR102
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Skaitymai su Gerda Paliušyte: gotika ir afroamerikiečių kinas
Film programme by Kipras Dubauskas and invited artists
Suppressed Intensities: African American Protest Poetry Translation Workshop
Rasė ir popmuzika. Klausymosi sesija su Nombeko Auguste ir Karoliu Vyšniausku
Unfortunately, it’s a different world for you. Book launch and open discussion
Baltic Triennial 14: Intro | The Maze and The Lighthouse