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De Appel Arts Centre Annual Repport 2008.  Amsterdam.  2008. GVE136
Den Haag Sculptur. Giganten / The Hague Sculpture. Giants.  Stichting den Haag sculptur.  2004. GVE025
Densite + - 0.  Ecole nationale superieure des beaux-arts, Paris. 2004. GVE026
Diagnozė: olandų dizainas / Diagnosis: Dutch Design.  Vilniaus dailės akademija. 2007. GVE027
Dialog 2: Articulation.  O.K. Centre for Contemporary Art, Linz.  2000. GVE028
Dinge, die wir nicht verstehen / Things we don’t understand.  Generali Foundation, Wien.  1999. GVE030
Moth, Charlotte
Discurso Visual / Visual Speech Instituto Araujo Porto 2011. GVE158
Double Life: Identitat und Transformation in der zeitgenossischen Kunst / Identity and Transformation in Contemporary Art.  Generali Foundation, Wien.  2001. GVE031
Durchzug / Draft. 20 Jahre Stiftung BINZ39 / 20 years BINZ39 Foundation.  Kunsthalle Zürich.  2003. GVE123
Panorama 14.
Elasticites. Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains. 2012. GVE162
Electric Earth. Film and Video from Britain.  British Council. 2003. GVE032
Eppur si muove. And yet it moves.  Arhive Books. 2009. GVE124
Esaidazu Egia Ba / Pero Dime La Verdad / Tell Me the Truth.  Sala Rekalde Erakustaretoa, Bilbao.  2006. GVE033
Etiolation I.  Veenman Publishers/ Gijs Stork.  2007. GVE176
Eva 2003 – on the border of each other.  Gandon editions.  2003. GVE034
For Eyes and Ears. 3rd International Performance Festival Odense.  Odense. 2000. GVE035
Forde Production 2002-2004.  Edition Forde, Geneva.  2004. GVE125
Freie Sicht aufs Mittelmeer. Junge Schweizer Kunst mit Gasten.  Kunsthaus Zürich, Schirn Kunshalle Franfurt. 1998. GVE116
Fucking Good Art #20. The Swiss Issue: A Field Study on Art & Market. Episode Publishers, Rotterdam.  2008. GVE133
Further: Artists from Wales at the 50th International Art Exhibition, Venice.  Wales Arts International.  2003. GVE036
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Curatorial Talk “Post-Research Turn” by Henk Slager
Art and Education: a Shared Action. A Conversation with Cecilia Guida
Presentation of the e-publication "Dwelling on the Threshold"
The Happy Hypocrite reading night: Without Reduction
Performance by keyon gaskin
„Reikėjo vakar“. Norbert Tukaj fotografijų parodos atidarymas ir diskusija