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Piirretty, Pilviin.
. Drawn in the clouds. Asian Contemporary Art.  Kiasma. 2013. GSE060
A Parallel History – The Independent Art Arenas of Skåne 1968–2008 Signal – Centre for Contemporary Art, Malmoe 2009. GSE042
Švedų ir anglų kalbomis / Languages: Swedish, English. Sudarytojai / Editors: Carl Lindh, Emma Reichert, Elena Tzotzi.
a: The Permeating Stream The Permeating Stream Committee. 2000. GSE001
Anders Zorn og Nordisk samtidskunst Arken Museum for Moderne Kunst. 2004. GSE002
ARS 11 KIASMA Helsinki 2011. GSE053
Ars Fennica 2007 Henna and Pertti Niemisto Art Foundation. 2006. GSE003
Ars Fennica 2008 Ars Fennica. 2008. GSE039
ARS Fennica 2010.  Henna and Pertti Niemisto Art Foundation.  2010. GSE051
ARSFENNICA09 Henna and Pertti Niemisto Art Foundation, Helsinki 2009. GSE041
Five artists shortlisted for 2009 ARSFENNICA award: matti Kalkamo, Mika Karhu, Jussi Kivi, Jyrki Riekki, Petri Yrjola.
Borealis 2. Posisjon: Nord. Nordiskt Konstcentrum Sceaborg, Helsingfors; Kunstsenter Hnie-Onstad, Høvikodden.  1985. GSE048
Carnegie Art Award 2000 – Nordic Painting Carnegie Art Award Publishing.  2000. GSE004
COBRA 50 ar Arken Museum for Moderne Kunst. 1997. GSE005
Creative Ireland. The Visual Arts. Contemporary Irish Visual Art 2000 – 2011 Visual Artists Ireland 2011. GSE054
Piirretty, Pilviin.
Drawn in the clouds. Asian Contemporary Art.  Kiasma. 2013. GSE060
Echoes of the Scream Arken Museum of Modern Art.  2001. GSE035
End of Story The Nordic Commitees for the Venice Biennial. 1999. GSE006
The Nordic Pavillion at the 48th Venice Biennial.
Finnish Line: Starting Point. Jeunes artistes finlandais Musees d’art moderne et contemporain de Strasbourg.  1999. GSE040
Formelle forgreninger / Formal Ramifications Kulturhuset Toldkammeret, Helsingor; Portalen, Greve. 2000. GSE007
Gangurinn 20 ara / The Corridor 20 Years Reykjavik Art Museum.  2000. GSE008
Gardhusabaer. The International Challenge Reykjavik Art Museum.  2000. GSE009
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A performance "Within Must Not Be Underestimated"
Head With Many Thoughts: Video Programme
Performance by Marianna Maruyama. Permissions, a.k.a. Loving with Both Hands
Curatorial Talk “Post-Research Turn” by Henk Slager
Art and Education: a Shared Action. A Conversation with Cecilia Guida
Presentation of the e-publication "Dwelling on the Threshold"