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Archaeologies of the Future Rekalde. Bilbao 2007. GTA135
ARCO 02. Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporaneo. Vol I.  ARCOmadrid; Ifema, Feria de Madrid.  2002. GTA023
ARCO 02. Feria Internatcional de Arte Contemporaneo. Vol II.  ARCOmadrid; Ifema, Feria de Madrid.  2002. GTA024
Armer les toboggans. Le Quartier. 2012. GTA164
Art 35 Basel.  HANTJE Cantz Publishers.  2004. GTA022
Art for Expo.  Nord / LB.  2000. GTA002
Art Forum Berlin 2005. Messe Berlin GmBH. 2005. GTA019
Art of the Possible. Lund Konsthall.  2007. GTA029
Artissima 15. Present Future. The International Fair of Contemporary Art in Torino.  Artissima. 2008. GTA097
Artissima 16. Present Future. The International Fair of Contemporary Art in Torino.  Artissima. 2009. GTA098
Awake are Only the Spirits. On Ghosts and Their Media. Revolver.  2009. GTA072
The Kitchen, New York.
Between Thought and Sound. Graphic Notation in Contemporary Music.   2007. GTA069
Exploring the intersection of drawing, thinking and sound through experimental music scores by thirty-one composers who relinquish traditional notation in favour of their own invented graphic systems. Curated by Alex Waterman, Debra Singer, and Matthew Lyons.
Between Zones. On the Representation of the Performative and the Notation of Movement. Migros museum fur gegenwartskunst, Zurich.  2010. GTA116
Billes-club concordance accident. Editions du Jeu de Paume Paris 2011. GTA139
Blut & Honig / Zukunft ist am Balkan / Blood & Honey / Future’s in the Balkans.  Edition Sammlung Essl 2.  2004. GRE008
Bodypoliticx.  Witte de With, Rotterdam. 2007. GTA040
Borealis V. Material and its radiance.  Nordic Arts Centre.  1991. GTA085
Cardinales. MARCO.  2002. GTA175
Cinema Clash Continuum: Film & History in the Age of Godard.  Gerrit Rietveld Academie.  2011. GTA114
Cold War Modern. Design 1945-1970 Victoria and Albert Museum, London.  2008. GTA067
Įdėklas lietuvių kalba: Šaltojo karo metų modernizmas. Menas ir dizainas 1945-1970. Parodos katalogo įžanga. Lietuvos dailės muziejus, Vilnius. 2009. David Crowley ir Jane Pavitt tekstai.
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Curatorial Talk “Post-Research Turn” by Henk Slager
Art and Education: a Shared Action. A Conversation with Cecilia Guida
Presentation of the e-publication "Dwelling on the Threshold"
The Happy Hypocrite reading night: Without Reduction
Performance by keyon gaskin
„Reikėjo vakar“. Norbert Tukaj fotografijų parodos atidarymas ir diskusija