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European Eyes on Japan. Japan Today vol.15 EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee. 2013. GAZ073
European Eyes on Japan. Japan Today. Vol. 11.  EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee.  2009. GAZ053
European Eyes on Japan. Japan Today. Vol. 13.  EU-Japan Committee. 2011. GAZ062
European Eyes on Japan. Japan Today. Vol. 14.  EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee.  2012. GAZ067
European Eyes on Japan. Japan Today. Vol. 9. EU-Japan Fest Japan Committee. 2007. GAZ052
Fast Forward. The Vibrant Art Scene of the Republic of Korea.  The Power Plant. 1997. GAZ060
Fifth Anniversary Exhibition:Garden of Paintings. Japanese Art of the 80s. The National Museum of Art, Osaka.  2010. GAZ070
Frame Builders Insa Art Space, Seoul. 2006. GAZ010
Heterotopias The Japan Foundation. 2003. GAZ011
Japanese Pavilion at the 50th Venice Biennale.
Hot Pot – Chinese Contemporary Art Kunstlerners Hus 2001. GAZ012
(ed.Halil Altindere)
I Am Too Sad to Kill You.  Istambul Museum of Contemporary Art. 2003. GAZ080
I Want a Future that Lives up to my Past Heide Museum of Modern Art. 2005. GAZ013
IAS (Insa Art Space) 2005 Insa Art Space of Arts Council Korea. 2005. GAZ014
In weiter Ferne, so nah. Neue Palastinensische Kunst IFA.  2001. GAZ015
Insomnia. Photographs Exhibition Biz Art Art Centre. 2008. GAZ031
Interesting Times. Focus on Contemporary Australian Art Museum of Contemporary Art.  2005. GAZ016
Iwateate, Marcia; Metha, Geeta K. (eds.)
Japan Living. Form and function at the cutting edge. Tuttle Publishing. 2008. GAZ035
Hee-Young, Kim.
Korean Abstract Painting. A formation of Korean Avant-Garde.  Hollym.  2013. GAZ071
Korean Artists Today.  Arts Council Korea.  2011. GAZ061
Meguru Rakuen. Kazuyoushi Miyoshi. 2004. GAZ045
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Skaitymai su Gerda Paliušyte: gotika ir afroamerikiečių kinas
Film programme by Kipras Dubauskas and invited artists
Suppressed Intensities: African American Protest Poetry Translation Workshop
Rasė ir popmuzika. Klausymosi sesija su Nombeko Auguste ir Karoliu Vyšniausku
Unfortunately, it’s a different world for you. Book launch and open discussion
Baltic Triennial 14: Intro | The Maze and The Lighthouse