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Argentina: Leandro Erlich / Graciela Sacco Marsilio Editori, Venezia. 2001. GAM001
49th Venice Biennale. Menininkai/ Artists: Leonardo Erlich, Graziela, Sacco.
ASSEMBLY (INDEX) BY AGENCY.  de Appel Arts Centre. Amsterdam.  2010. GTA187
Forum Annual 2004 Los Angeles Forum for Architecture and Urban Design. 2004. GAM002
Full House. The Kouri Collection and American Minimalist Adventures KIASMA, Helsinki.  2008. GAM009
Menininkai / Artists: Ricci Albenda, Francis Alÿs, Walter De Maria, Olafur Eliasson, Dan Flavin, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Koo Jeong-a, Donald Judd, Jannis Kounellis, Wolfgang Laib, Richard Long, Robert Longo, Robert Morris, Bruce Nauman, Roman Opalka, John Pilson, Richard Serra, Robert Smithson, Frank Stella, James Turrell.
Guyoton / Walker. The Failever of Judgement Midway Contemporary Art; JR Ringier. 2005. GAM003
Ishtar Midway Contemporary Art, St. Paul Minnesota. 2003. GAM004
Menininkai/ Artists: Brian Calvin, Samara Coughey, Lecia Dole-Recio, Trisha Donnelly, Vincent Fecteau, Richard Hawkins, Larry Johnson, Patrick Hill, Cady Noland, Sturtevant.
K48 Enterprises. New York.  2003. GAM015
Mixed Signals. Artists Consider Masculinity in Art. Independent Curators International, New York.  2009. GAM011
Re-turning the gaze. Louis Lawler, Cindy Sherman, Laurie Simmons.  The Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki.  1993. GAM010
Slightly Unbalanced. Independent Curators International, New York. 2008. GAM012
The Golden Door: Artist-Immigrants of America, 1876-1976 Smithsonian Institute.  1976. GAM005
The Hugo Boss Prize 2004.  Guggenheim Museum.  2004 . GAM017
The Hugo Boss Prize 2006 The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, New York.  2006. GAM006
Eleey, Peter.
The quick and the dead.  Walker Art Center.  2009. GAM013
Eleey, Peter.
The quick and the dead. Walker Art Center.  2009. GAM013
The Wild West: Painting, Photography, Sculpture, and Native American Art from the American West Arken Museum of Modern Art.  2001. GAM007
Vivencias / Lebenserfahrung / Life experience Generali Foundation, Wien. 2000. GAM008
A performance "Within Must Not Be Underestimated"
Head With Many Thoughts: Video Programme
Performance by Marianna Maruyama. Permissions, a.k.a. Loving with Both Hands
Curatorial Talk “Post-Research Turn” by Henk Slager
Art and Education: a Shared Action. A Conversation with Cecilia Guida
Presentation of the e-publication "Dwelling on the Threshold"